10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mobile App Development And Its Need

Nowadays, technology is powering up businesses in more than one way, and it is not an exception for a business to run a mobile app. In the present world, over 6 out of every 10 people are using a smartphone. Individuals are using Smartphones more in comparison to laptops or desktops because they find it easier to buy anything through a mobile app.

Here’s what you need to know about the evolved marketing process.

  • An average mobile app user in the USA has more than 100 apps installed on their phones.
  • A regular mobile user checks his smartphone 63 times a day.
  • 87% of mobile users check their phone at least 1 hour before sleeping. Out of those, 69% check their mobile at least 5 minutes before sleeping.
  • More than 57% of all digital media usage accounts only for mobile apps.
  • By 2021, approximately 7 billion people worldwide will be using Smartphones.
  • By 2022, the number of mobile app downloads will reach 258 million.

Thus, due to the increasing use of mobile devices, every business needs to invest in mobile app development to boost their business. By using a mobile app businesses can connect to their clients easily –  they like to access businesses in full swing.

Businesses That Are Generating Profit From A Mobile Application

Here, we have talked about a few businesses that are currently benefiting from mobile applications.

1.Global Play Network

Global Play Network, a big network that offers unlimited visits to entertainment venues, is providing its members with unlimited access to select partner locations and have fun with family, and friends.

With the Global Play Network’s mobile application, members can manage their membership account easily, add family members, and purchase gift cards for people who have not yet found out all that Global Play Network has to provide. You can make your membership free of charge as well by for cash credits on this app. In short, people can manage everything from the Global Play Network app.

From the above example, we can say that having a mobile app is beneficial for businesses and customers both as it provides ease of access to business, improved business services, brand development, increases client base, and more. Overall, Global Play Network is getting all the benefits that a mobile app usually presents.

2. Domino’s Pizza App

It is a successful mobile app for ordering food online that gives a built-in pizza tracker letting users check on what phase their pizza is at in the making and distribution process. Customers can fast order made-to-measure takeaway food and easily pay while Domino’s has completely solved a very old issue of customers calling up to know where their pizza is at a particular.

Domino’s user-friendly mobile application helps it generate a huge profit by delivering pizzas on time.

Why Mobile App Development is Essential- Reasons to Invest

There are several growing businesses getting benefited from mobile applications, but many organizations still lack in implementing a mobile application strategy. Mobile applications not only help businesses in promoting their products but also let them improve client relationships and retention. If a business is not having a mobile presence, then it can miss many essential marketing possibilities.

When you appoint trustworthy developers to create a mobile app for your business, you open up your business to various opportunities. In this blog post, I will explain the 10 reasons why you should invest in mobile app development and take the services of the best mobile app development company. Let us move ahead and explain these significant reasons.

1. Increases Your Business Visibility

Generally, people spend a lot of time on their Smartphones for many reasons. Have you ever considered the advantages of having your business mobile application on your clients’ mobile phones? This would, again and again, give huge growth to your business.

Running a mobile application for your business provides you a way to stay connected with your clients and co-workers. Developing an effective mobile app has its own benefits, such as you can circulate essential business news, exclusive offers, promotions, product launches with your clients, which will grow client involvement and save communication time.

2. Offers Improved Service and Sales

On a thankful note, mobile application development has created sales more apparent than before. It is enhancing the way individuals buy and sell goods or services. It has also modified the way clients observe and assess a product before buying. This signifies that clients have more choices than ever to make better buying verdicts. With that stated, you must offer your client a unique mobile application, aimed at furnishing clients with the details they are searching for. It should not be neglected that giving better service is an effective method to bring in more sales. Hence, it’s very profitable to spend on a mobile app for both service and support.

3. Helps You Create a Straight Marketing Medium

Mobile applications can perform as the most reliable marketing medium for any business. A mobile app offers brands the possibility of a more personalized user experience and helps in making more effective relationships with clients. This, in order, leads to better results and involvement with the brand. Application user profile data can be used to provide much segmented and personalized communications to each user depending on their personal choices.


It can provide you with abilities such as infrequent and general data market, booking information, price changes, promotions, search attributes, messengers, news feeds, reminders, and a lot more.

Having these kinds of features makes your mobile application to be a one-stop-shop for your buyers. By push alerts, it is easy for you to get linked and communicate with your clients. You can also automate the method of customer reminders regarding your products, services, and payments the way you wish.

4. Provides Ease Of Accessibility

If you hire a mobile app development company, you are virtually offering your business directly to your clients.

Mobile applications let customers access your business from anywhere and at any time by tapping a button – this is due to there are no limitations and barriers linked to mobile applications. These applications also make it simple for you to understand the current trends in the market.
Daily use of your application will strengthen your product or service. This signifies that when they need to buy something, possibilities are they will reach you. You have developed a powerful relationship with them through the app and this is equivalent to putting your business in your clients’ pockets.

5. Acts As A Social Platform

People spend more time on social media, particularly FB and Twitter. And, a mobile app that offers customers all the significant features of social media, compels them to spend enough time on your mobile app. By this, users can analyze, share or talk over products. 

Keep in mind that we are social creatures and mobile application is the prospect of social communication. The best example of this is Amazon, which has significantly developed its territory within its reviews section.

Investing in a mobile application for your business will offer exposure in various ways – one of them is linking social traits to your mobile application. Adding features like in-app chat, likes, posts, and remarks that let customers interact and evaluate products, and making a community over the service your business provides can assist in increasing the social status of your company.

6. Makes Market Research Easier For Any Business

Market research is important for any kind of business. Mobile applications can fast and successfully gather client details and preferences. This will assist you in showing them the product or service they are actually interested in, giving them a user experience developed to their requirements.

On that note, Corehitech has a good knowledge of the mobile app development and designing process, which can help you increase the chances this marketing medium has to give your business.

7. Stack of Inherent Smartphone Features

By developing a specific business app, you can avail of the Smartphone’s inherent features. Suppose, application users can use the camera feature of their phone to take snaps of your goods and share them with different people. This improves the promotion part of your business.

If you are running a transportation business, then your drivers and commuters can use the feature of GPS to find directions, assess ETA and arrange their trips.

If you have a supermarket, then using a Bluetooth Enabled device, you can provide in-store promotions to your customers.

8. Real-Time Data Acquisition

Data plays a crucial role in running any trade whether it is sales, suppliers, customers, or commercial data. With a dedicated mobile app, you can simply get valuable insights such as what the clients usually do in your mobile app, which good or service they go through the most, the time all along the maximum sales occur, most favorable territories, etc.

This data can be used to offer customized content that is appropriate to the individual client as well as for making verdicts on how to enhance your application based on how your clients are using it. Thus, ensure you give your customers a choice to opt-in to a data plan and make it clear that it will be utilized to enhance the customer experience. So, once they have provided you with their assurance, don’t let them down.

9. Brand Development and Recognition

In a world of enormous competition, mobile applications are one of the significant tools for rapidly growing the visibility of your product or service. This can be attained by developing a mobile app that has essential features your clients will like, whereas at the same time is effectively branded and apparently designed.

A business mobile app helps you much in your brand development activities. A well-planned and curated mobile application successfully endorses your brand and removes the excessive cost of physical ads like hoardings and signages.

Similarly, the more frequently you can increase recognition for your brand or service, the sooner customers will start buying your products or services.

10. Allows For Mobile Payments and Increase Your Conversion Rate

Making payments using a mobile app makes your customers’ work easier. Since It is only a click away to buy for them. There are different options for accepting mobile application payments like wallets, in-app buying, CC & DC payments, Paypal, etc. These are very fast and safe methods to ensure that client payment information is secured.

M-commerce apps let you mix online content and social sharing to improve your conversion ratio. You may also give product suggestions and testimonials to your clients, which will help them to decide whether to purchase a particular product or not. Definitely, this is a thing that you can keep on a website but think about the fact that mobile apps are easily accessible.

Final Words

I believe the above points will help you decide that it’s worth investing in mobile app development and very helpful in bringing up new clients and retaining old ones. To keep your business competitive in the market, you should invest in mobile app development and hire the best app development company like Corehitech.

Whether you are attempting to enhance the client experience, involvement, or sales, having a featured rich mobile app can help you attain your target. Therefore, making your business mobile-friendly is crucial for growing your clients as well as your business. And, doing so will make you gain the value that business mobile apps are generating in the current time.